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Polished Concrete

HTC Superfloorâ„¢ is a complete concept for polishing concrete. The HTC Superfloorâ„¢ method mechanically refines the concrete surface by removing the top cement paste and exposing the underlying, stronger concrete.

Polished concrete is created using HTC Superfloor, a process of concrete grinding and polishing using diamond tooling and specialist grinding machines..

The result is a glossy concrete floor with a completely even surface of a high quality, both functionally and esthetically.

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Ecoflor Concrete Polishing

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Dull grey concrete floors can be transformed into brilliant, high gloss, easy to clean floors using HTC Superfloor polished concrete technology.

Environmentally friendly and durable, Superfloor by Ecoflor produces highly durable floor solutions for both new build and refubishment projects.

Polished Concrete Applications

Ecoflor create polished concrete floors for commercial and industrial applications.
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